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I have a home / building cell signal booster and some or all lights are orange. What do I do?

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This is what is called overload. Overload is a very strong incoming signal that enters the external antenna and decreases the power of the booster. To help reduce overload must begin at the outside antenna.

You can turn the outside antenna away from where it’s pointing to reduce the amount of signal from that area. When that’s done, you can turn off the amplifier and turn it back on, then check the lights again. If the are still solid orange, you may need to do this until the orange lights go back to green or green and orange are flashing.

Always check your readings after every turn.

You also may have to have your outside antenna moved from the spot where it’s mounted to another side of the roof or area where it can be hidden from strong signals if turning the antenna doesn’t help you.

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