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I don't see any improvement after installing the eqo Booster. What should I do?

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If you've installed your new eqo Booster and are seeing minimal or no improvement, here are some tips that will help you get more boost and coverage area out of your system:


1. Ensure that the Booster and Antenna units are configured correctly, with Booster (unit with LED light) sitting in the window sill or area of strongest signal and the back facing the direction of the window/strongest signal. Then ensure that the Antenna (no LED light) is in the room/area where you need the improved service. Check out our video below about proper configuration.


2. We do recommend at least 6 feet of distance between Booster and Antenna units. However, increasing the distance between the two units will do a couple of things:

       a. It will reduce any feedback that could be occurring

       b. It will increase the coverage area from the Antenna

The closer the Booster and Antenna units are to each other, the less coverage area you will receive due to that feedback, so try moving them further apart from each other to increase performance.

3. Each time you move either the Booster or Antenna around, you will want to power cycle the Booster. Simply unplug the unit from the power source, wait a few seconds, and plug the Power Supply back in. This is essential for any adjustments you've made, as it will reset the Booster to the new configuration. 

4. If you have Low-E glass windows installed in your home, signal may be difficult to achieve at your window. Find an alternate area inside the home (i.e. a wall or closet) where you can possibly see a better signal than at a window. Also, you can check out this post to find different ways of testing your signal.

5. If you find that you do not have adequate signal inside your home, where you can place your Booster unit, there is an option to run a cable & antenna outside to obtain a better signal. Typically, the following parts would be used to make that work:

          - 314411 Directional Antenna

       - 952375 Wilson400 75' cable

       - 971156 Adapter (to connect cable to booster) 

You can contact Customer Support to discuss this option, or other antenna & cabling options, to best suit your needs. 

These tips should help you acquire better service in your home or office with your eqo Booster. As always, if you have any questions that we did not address, you can click on the link below to submit a request for assistance. 

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