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Setting Up the eqo Booster

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This post discusses how to set up the eqo cell phone booster. The eqo Booster is ultra-simple to set up and begin using for better cell phone signal in your home or office.

It comes out of the box and is boosting your cell phone signal in 60 seconds. That simplicity allows virtually anyone to improve their cell reception in almost any indoor space.

Why the eqo Booster is simple to set up
The eqo Booster installs quickly because it comprises only two main components: an antenna and a booster unit. The booster unit is placed wherever the indoor cell signal is strongest.

The antenna is placed in the area of the home or office where stronger signal is needed. The booster unit communicates with a cell tower and boosts the incoming and outgoing signal. The antenna communicates with the phones and other cellular devices in your home or office.

How it’s different from other boosters
Cell signal booster designs since about 1999 typically have required an antenna mounted on the roof or exterior of the building to communicate with the cell tower. Getting up on the roof and finding the optimal location for the tower antenna was usually the most difficult phase of cell booster installation.

And if you rented a home or shared space in an office building you typically couldn’t install anything on the roof, so a cell phone booster was out of the question.

The eqo Booster’s major difference: it does not require a separate tower antenna. The eqo Booster incorporates the tower antenna into the booster unit. The result is greatly simplified installation that allows pretty much anyone to boost a poor cell phone signal.

Steps to setting up the eqo Booster
These are the simple steps to set up the eqo Booster:

1. Place the booster unit in the area with the strongest cell phone signal. The face of the booster unit (showing the weBoost logo) should be facing you while the back of the unit should be facing the strongest signal area.
2. Connect one end of the supplied 25-foot coax cable to the booster.
3. Place the antenna where better signal is most needed, at least 6 feet away from the booster unit (for best results and further coverage, separate antenna further than 6 feet away from booster unit).
4. Connect the other end of the coax cable to the antenna.
5. Connect the power supply to the booster and then to a surge-protected power strip.

That’s it! That super-simple procedure is why the eqo Booster can be set up and boosting cell signal in 60 seconds. For more help, check out our installation video below.

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