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Do I need to register my booster with weBoost?

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We certainly hope you will. To register your booster, follow the instructions below.

Keep in mind that registering your booster is not necessary in order for the system to work. Of course Customer Service will help you even if your booster is not registered. Yes, you can replace a failed booster if you do not register, but you would need to provide a purchase receipt or some other dated record of purchase. And yes, that’s hardly ever a problem since so few weBoost units ever fail.

Still we encourage you to register your booster for warranty purposes.

On the Web
1) Go to register.weboost.com

2) Fill in the form.

If you don’t know the model number of your booster, look on the side or back of the weBoost box for a stick-on label with a set of numbers. On the top, you will find the model name with the model number right next to it. Start typing your model number into the field on the registration page and a list of model numbers will drop down. Select your model from the drop-down list.

(Note: Older model Wilson Electronics-branded boosters will have a barcode on the sticker. The model number with these boosters may start with 8.)

To find the booster serial number, look at the numbers below the model name and number. The 15 to 17 digit number with a letter near the center is the serial number. Type it in the required field.

3) Complete the form with the required information and click the Register button.

4) Click to choose an answer for each of the optional short survey questions (no more than 3) and you’re done!

It shouldn’t take more than two or three minutes, tops.

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