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How to Find Your Booster Model Number

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In this post when we say 'model number' we are specifically referring to the booster kit model number. FCC regulations require that all cell phone signal boosters be sold as a kit, with antennas and cables included in the kit with the booster.

If you contact weBoost Customer Service, or you register your booster with weBoost, you will need to know your kit model number.

For weBoost signal booster kits, the model number is always a 6-digit number beginning with 4. Older model Wilson Electronics and new WilsonPro signal booster kits will have a 6-digit model number that begins with either 4 or 8.

To find the model number of your booster, look on the side of the box for a small stick-on label with a bar code. Above the bar code you will see a 6-digit number beginning with 4 (or 8 as above). That’s your kit model number.

FYI, each component in the kit - the booster unit and both antennas - will also have its own model number, usually found on the back or base of the component. Those numbers are different from the kit model number above.

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