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What can I do right now to improve my cell reception?

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Stop Moving - When you are stationary, your phone and the network don’t have to constantly adjust for your changing location.

Change Your Location - At home, try different rooms to see if you get better reception. In the workplace, move to the other side of the office or into the hallway.

Find a window - Building materials tend to obstruct cellular signals, and glass may allow signal to pass through more readily than, say, concrete walls or a metal roof.

Get higher - Obstructions between you and the tower can weaken the signal. By increasing your elevation you reduce the chance of obstructions, so go to the top floor of your home or office building.

Go outside - Anything between you and the tower can degrade your reception. Exiting the building will immediately reduce potential obstructions.

Use a mobile service map tool - You can download apps or find websites that show you the precise locations in your area of cell towers for the various carriers. When you know where your carrier’s nearest tower is, you can take steps to reduce potential obstructions between you and the tower.

Use these tips in combination - The more of these you can use together, the better your chances of improving cell reception.

Consider a technological solution - If nothing else works, you may have to employ some tech to improve your cell coverage. Options include a femtocell (sometimes called a microcell), Wi-Fi calling or a cell signal booster (cellular repeater).


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