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Why is my cell phone reception so bad?

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There are really only two culprits that cause cell phone reception problems: distance and obstructions. Distance everyone understands. If your phone is too far from the cell tower, then the signal will be weak or maybe undetectable.

Obstructions are not so well understood. Below is a list of the most common signal blockers:

Terrain – Cell signal operates in line-of-sight fashion. Any terrain features between you and the cell tower – hills, mountains, ridges, bluffs, etc. – will block cell signals.

Man-made obstructions – In urban settings, buildings are the main blockers of cell signals. Radio frequency (RF) signals can’t easily pass through metal, concrete or oxide-coated glass. So when you are inside almost any building, you can have reception problems.

Vehicles – Metal and safety glass, the materials making up the outer shell of most vehicles, do an excellent job of blocking RF signals. When you’re inside a vehicle, it may be hard to get a good signal.

Vegetation – I know, right? It’s hard to believe, but trees, shrubbery, or almost any kind of foliage absorbs cell signals. Here’s the kicker – even dust particles in the atmosphere can weaken RF signals.

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