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What does it mean if I have no lights or dim lights on my signal booster?

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If you are not seeing any lights on your signal booster, this may be either one of two things: the power cord is not providing enough power to your booster and has stopped working or your signal booster is not functioning. 

We would recommend having your power cord tested with a voltmeter to determine if it is providing enough power for your booster (many times, if you do not own a voltmeter, a local electronics store will test it for free). If you don’t have access to a voltmeter, don’t worry about it - just call us or email us for help. On the label of your power cord, or shown on the booster specifications within the install guide, you should see some power requirements listed. If your power cord is not providing the listed amount of power/voltage, then this would tell you that the power cord has failed and a replacement would need to be purchased. You can find the part number of your power cord listed within your installation guide. If your power cord is providing the correct amount of power, this would tell you that the booster has likely failed; at this point you can contact our support team to check the status of your booster's warranty and determine if a replacement booster can be issued to you.

If you feel that the lights on your signal booster are dim but can still receive a boost in your signal, there is nothing to worry about. Your booster is functioning properly and you can continue to let it operate. However, if you have noticed a loss in signal boost and are experiencing a dim light, this may be the result of a failing power cord. Testing the cord would be the next appropriate step.

For additional informative weBoost videos, visit our YouTube channel here http://bit.ly/1JlmQ89.


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