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Will a cradle booster improve my laptop and tablet reception as well as my cell phone?

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The Drive 3G-S, Drive 4G-S  (formerly known as the Wilson Sleek) and the newer Drive Sleek will boost signal for devices that are placed in the cradle. These cradle boosters can accommodate phones and other devices up to approximately 3.25 inches wide.

Many users improve connectivity for other devices by employing their phone placed in the cradle as a hotspot device, allowing laptops, tablets, cellular modems, etc., to benefit from the boosted signal. Your phone must have hotspot capability in order to be used this way.

Alternatively, you can place a mobile Internet hotspot (MiFi, JetPack, etc) in the cradle. The hotspot will provide WiFi signal that will connect laptops, tablets, and other devices to the Internet.

If you absolutely need a cell signal booster that will boost signal for laptops and tablets as well as phones, consider a wireless vehicle booster like the Drive 4G-M or Drive 4G-X*.

*It will not boost internet capability unless it's a cellular signal, not WiFi.

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