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Do I need a 4G booster, or will a 3G model be sufficient?

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It depends. Currently the benefit of 4G service is the speed at which the 4G network can transfer data, that is, how fast it can download to and upload from your phone or other cellular device.

Although this will likely change in the future, 4G service currently does nothing to enhance voice calls for the vast majority of North American cell phone customers.

So ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you have a 4G-capable phone?
  • Do you have a 4G data plan with your cell service provider?
  • Do you upload a lot of data (like large photos or video files) or do you download a lot of data (like streaming video or music)?

If you answer yes to all three, then you probably need a 4G booster.

But if you primarily use your phone for voice calls and texting, then you will probably do just fine with a 3G booster. Most other commonly used mobile apps – email, social media, weather, web browser, etc – work fine on a 3G network.

By the way, both types of boosters are compatible with all cellular devices. You can use a 4G phone with a 3G booster and vice versa.

To read more about this, check out our blog post 4G vs 3G: Which Do You Need?

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