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How much area in square feet does an indoor booster cover? I know a more powerful booster covers more area, but how much more?

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Two factors dictate the size of indoor coverage area: (1) the strength of the cellular signal BEFORE it is boosted, and (2) the booster system's gain (signal boosting) level. 

Depending on the strength of the received tower signal, the square-foot area of coverage that any booster can provide may vary greatly. 

The stronger the cell signal received by the outside antenna, the greater the indoor coverage area in square feet. Bottom line: a stronger signal from the cell tower means more indoor coverage area from the booster system.

That's why it's so important to place the outside antenna in the location, and point it in the direction, that allows it to receive the strongest possible tower signal.

If you are not sure which booster system can provide the coverage area you need, contact Customer Service by phone at 1-866-294-1660, or by email at support@weboost.com.

We can help you figure out which booster model will provide the indoor coverage area you need.


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