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What is the difference between the Drive 4G-M and Drive 4G-X?

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The Drive 4G-M has been one of our go-to boosters when it comes to:

1) boosting 4G,

2) the ability for multiple users to benefit

3) and for RV use.

This booster offers 5 bands of coverage to boost 4G and 3G signals, low-profile antennas, and increased cell reception in low signal areas. If you are traveling in areas where signal is not always great but you would like a boost inside the vehicle or RV, the Drive 4G-M would be a perfect solution for you.

The Drive 4G-X provides the same level of gain (incoming signal enhancement) as our Drive 4G-M (50 dB gain), but will also provide a greater reach to distant cell towers than any other mobile booster.

This makes the Drive 4G-X a great fit for rural traveling. This booster also offers 5 bands of coverage and low-profile antenna options. If you will be traveling in rural areas frequently where other boosters may typically struggle to get signal, then the Drive 4G-X is the best recommendation.

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