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How do I boost my cell phone signal?

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Dropped calls and slow data rates are generally caused by distance from a cell tower, terrain features (hills and trees, for example) or man-made obstructions (buildings, etc).

Cellular signals for both voice and data can be boosted by the use of a high gain antenna or the combination of an antenna and bi-directional signal booster system. weBoost offers multiple solutions to stay connected

There are two parts to ensuring reliable cellular communication. The first part is receiving a strong signal. weBoost high gain antennas collect weak or distant cellular signals and send them to the signal booster. The signal booster then amplifies those signals and rebroadcasts them inside a building or vehicle for use by cellular devices.

The second part of the equation is transmitting a strong signal back to the cell tower. The limited transmission power of unaided cell phones makes this the weakest part of the mobile communications link. If the signals from your phone don't reach the tower, you can't talk, text or transfer data.

With a weBoost bidirectional signal booster you are able to broadcast a much stronger signal back to the cell tower at a greater distance than with an unaided cell phone. A high quality weBoost signal booster system is critical to maintaining constant connectivity and improved signal quality in weak signal areas.

All weBoost signal boosters are FCC certified. weBoost offers a wide range of powerful vehicle and building signal boosters for all carriers as well as high-gain antennas with multiple mounting options.

For more details watch the short video below or call us at 1-866-294-1660.

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