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Can I leave the signal booster in my vehicle on all the time?

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Yes. All weBoost signal boosters can remain powered on all the time, with the following caveat.

In some older model vehicles, the DC power outlet (or cigarette lighter socket) from which the booster is powered continues to draw power even when the vehicle ignition is turned off. This means that leaving the signal booster powered on when the vehicle is not running can discharge the battery.

In late model vehicles this is not a problem because the outlet/lighter cannot continue to draw power when the vehicle ignition is off.

As a precaution we strongly recommend you verify that your cigarette lighter socket/DC power outlet is not powered when the ignition is turned off.

If it remains powered on when the ignition is off, weBoost recommends that the signal booster be powered instead through the ignition switch (from the fuse block) so that the signal booster turns off and on with the vehicle ignition.

weBoost has an optional hardwire kit available that allows you to connect directly to a vehicle’s electrical system.

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