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What is a 'soft install' and do I need to do one?

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A soft install is a test installation of a signal booster done BEFORE the booster is permanently installed. It allows you to experiment different scenarios to determine your optimal system setup.

weBoost recommends you do a soft install before doing a hard (permanent) install for a several reasons:

  • It allows you to find the best antenna location to receive optimal cell signal coverage.
  • It lets you experiment with various combinations of horizontal and vertical separation between the two antennas to find a reduced Minimum Required Separation Distance.
  • It helps you determine the best way to route the cable inside your home or vehicle.
  • It lets you optimize the booster system and correct any problem conditions in advance.
  • And one of the most important reasons, it helps you decide if the booster system you purchased works for your situation.

We offer a 30 day money-back-guarantee on our products (when purchased directly from us) so our customers can test their setup. Doing a soft installation will simplify the process if you needed to return your product in the event that what you purchased was not ideal for your situation.

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