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Can I install a vehicle signal booster in my home (office/other indoor space)?

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You can, but but there are several things to consider BEFORE installing the booster.

1) Before installing the booster you need to take a reading of the signal strength outside the building where the tower antenna (sometimes called the 'outside' antenna) will be located. 

You must have a signal reading stronger than -95 dBm for the booster work decently. A signal reading weaker than -105dB means this particular configuration will not provide a signal boost.

To see how to get your phone's signal strength reading click this link:


2) Please keep in mind that wireless vehicle boosters are designed to provide signal coverage for a very limited area, approximately the size of a vehicle interior.

3) If you are considering using a cradle booster (Drive 4G-S or 3G-S), remember your phone (or hotspot) must remain in the cradle to benefit from the provided signal boost.

The cradle boosters' arms will accommodate a device up to approximately 3.25 inches wide. As a workaround, you can place a device wider than 3.25 inches in the cradle by removing one of the arms and using a rubber band to secure the device in the cradle.

It's always best to get the booster model that will most efficiently meet your coverage needs. if you're not sure which model(s) would work for your situation, please contact weBoost Customer Support at 1-866-294-1660 (U.S. and Canada) or support@weboost.com.

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