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More Cable Needed to Complete a Indoor Signal Booster Installation

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On occasion more cable may be required to compete installation of your indoor signal booster system. Our general recommendation is always to use only the cable that is included in the kit if possible. Your signal booster was certified by the FCC or IC (in Canada) based on the specific lengths of cable that came with your kit.

We would only recommend adding additional cable to your installation if your outside signal is already strong. Here's why.

If you add more cable to an installation when you have a weak outside signal, you risk degrading your indoor cell coverage even further.

This can happen because there is signal "leakage" all along the length of your cable runs. The longer your cable runs, the more signal "leaks" away.

If you start with a weak outside signal and even more signal leaks away during a long cable run to the booster unit, you may end up with the boosted signal inside the building providing even worse coverage area than you had before installing your booster system.

If you think this situation might apply to your booster installation, weBoost recommends you first do a "soft" or temporary installation so you can test your system. This allows you to make system adjustments if needed before a permanent installation.

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