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Mounting Your Lightning Surge Protector

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To get the best results, we recommend mounting your lightning surge protector next to your external antenna. This will help to protect your unit, and your home if lightning strikes around your antenna. To properly mount your surge protector, you will need to purchase a small 2’ jumper cable to go from the outside antenna to the surge protector. You will want to attach the jumper cable to the pigtail cable that comes out of your outside antenna. You will then attach your lightning surge protector to the jumper cable. After this, you will attach the cable that goes into your home to the lightning surge protector. You will then have to call either your county clerk, or a local electrician to make sure that you ground this according to the local regulations. If your antenna is ever stuck or nearly struck by lighting you will need to change out the gas discharge element in the surge protector and possibly the amplifier itself. The part number for this is 859920. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-866-294-1660 or email in to support@wilsonelectronics.com.

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