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What is overload, and how do I fix it?

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What Is Overload, And How Do I Fix It?


Overload is a very strong incoming signal that enters the external antenna and decreases the gain of the booster; in extreme cases, it will shut the booster down. This is displayed on the booster by either a flashing or solid orange lights.

If your booster has a flashing orange and green light it means that the booster has attenuated the signal. You can fix this is by turning your external antenna in 10 to 15 degree increments and restarting the booster after every turn until the light turns solid green. If you have done this without success, try moving the antenna to another side of the roof where the antenna isn’t able to receive as strong of a signal but strong enough to boost the signal adequately. Please note, if you are getting desirable booster gain and you are happy with the results, no changes need to be made. Please follow the below steps only if you don’t see an increase or adequate increase in signal.

If you do both of those and still do not see any improvement after rotating the antenna, you will likely need to shield your antenna. You can do this one of several different ways.

  1. Place the antenna behind a chimney or obstruction on the roof. Then restart the booster. (you will want to measure signal to be sure that signal is adequate to boost)
  2. Build a shield out of sheet metal to cover the sides of your antenna – cover only the back and two larger sides. Then restart the booster.

Keep in mind, there are signals too strong to attenuate.

Click here to watch a video explaining the lights on our boosters.

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